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Get Your Myrtle Beach AC Unit Ready For Spring

Getting your Myrtle Beach AC unit ready for spring now while we’re still having such cold nights may seem premature, but the days of 90 to 100 degree heat will be here before you know it. It’s time to start preparing your AC unit for the hot weather ahead. A little early season preparation now can help avoid frantic calls when the weather gets hot later with the added benefit of lower utility bills.

Clean the Outside of Your AC Unit

Getting Your Myrtle Beach AC Unit Ready for Hot WeatherYour Myrtle Beach AC unit outside condenser has likely picked up dust, dirt and other possible debris from the winter months. First and foremost, TURN OFF the power to the unit. Use a hose or a vacuum cleaner with a soft bristle brush to thoroughly clean the condenser fins of your outside unit. Be careful, the fins are more fragile than you might expect. Try to avoid bending them during the cleaning process.

While you are cleaning, be sure to remove any weeds, grass or other debris that may have grown up around the condenser during the fall and early winter. You want to be sure your unit has a clear airflow to assure it works as efficiently as possible.

Remove the top grille from the condenser unit. Generally the fan will be attached to the grille and will come off as part of the removal. Check the fan motor for lubrication ports. Depending on the age of your AC unit, the motor may be maintenance free with no ports. If the AC unit requires oil be sure to use oil specific for electrical motors not all-purpose or penetrating oil. Clean out any other debris from inside the unit.

Inside the AC unit you will see the compressor motor. The compressor motor is generally sealed and requires no lubrication. Observe carefully for signs of potential oil leaks underneath the motor.

Once you have completed your cleaning, you should follow a careful power up procedure to avoid damage to the unit. Make sure the switch on your thermostat is not set to cool. Power on the unit and allow to sit for 24 hours before testing. This allows time for temperature equalization of the internal lubricant of the compressor.

Clean the Inside of Your AC Unit

The number one tip for efficient heating and cooling is changing your filter often. Spring tune up of your system is the perfect time to take this important step. Remove the cover from your inside AC unit blower compartment and vacuum out any dust and debris that has accumulated. In addition, check the condensers drain tube for blockage from algae or sludge. The best cleaner for the condenser drain is a dilute bleach solution.

If doing it yourself is not your thing, call Brown and Reaves Services, Inc. to schedule your spring checkup of your AC unit or heat pump. Call us today at 843-497-9867. Don’t forget to grab our 20% off coupon on your next service call by Liking us on Facebook.

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