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Turning on Your Myrtle Beach Heating System – Musty or Burning Odors

After having your Myrtle Beach heating system turned off for the warmer months of the year, you may notice a funny smell throughout your home when you need to turn the heat back on. This smell may last for a few hours until the system has a chance to replace all of the current air within your home with fresh air from the outdoors. Consider these three common reasons why your home could have a burning or slightly acrid smell after turning on your Myrtle Beach heating system for the first time during those first cool autumn nights.

Mold Growth

Change your filter to assure your Myrtle Beach heating system doesn't have mold circulating in your house.

If you notice a musty smell when you turn on your heating system for the first time in the season, it could be due to mold growth. Mold may grow from leftover moisture in your home’s humidifier. The mold can grow on the humidifier’s drum, pad, or filters. You can get rid of the mold with a diluted bleach or vinegar solution, or you could have your HVAC technician take care of it for you.

Blocked Chimney or Vent

A blockage in your chimney or furnace vent could cause a burning smell in your home when you first start up the heater. If there is smoke in the air along with the bad smell, this could be an emergency and you will need to contact a technician for prompt service. A blocked chimney or vent does not allow the waste products of gas combustion to leave your home. Your furnace may even shut itself down until the blockage is fixed.

Dirty Filter

A smell of burning hair or dust could be the result of a dirty air filter. This is especially common if your home uses a heat pump for warmth. Since the heat pump works all year long, it could have developed a dirty filter during the summertime. We encourage all homeowners to change their AC filters every 30 days.

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Furnace Exhaust Maintenance: Reasons Why It Should Be Done Each Fall

Heating systems such as furnaces that operate on natural gas, propane, or heating oil create toxic waste products that must be ventilated to the outdoors. These waste products include nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide. Consider these three reasons why furnace exhaust system maintenance should be done every year during the autumn before you need to turn on your home’s heating equipment for the first time.

Health and Safety

Three reasons why you should have a furnace exhaust system check-up each fall before turning on your heat for the first time.

If the carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide gases cannot be redirected out of the home through the furnace’s exhaust system, you and the other members of your household could become very ill. When you breathe, carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide displace the oxygen carried by your red blood cells. If your body cannot get enough oxygen, it starts to shut down. The early signs of carbon dioxide poisoning include feeling tired and mildly sick. An inspection and repair of the furnace exhaust system can help to avoid serious health and safety concerns for you and your family.

Energy Efficiency

A furnace cannot operate efficiently if its exhaust system is not working properly. Furnaces require a regular supply of oxygen in order to burn the fuel and create heat. Furnace exhaust system maintenance helps to ensure that the furnace gets enough air flow to efficiently do its job of heating your home. A furnace exhaust system checkup includes making sure there is no rust or blockage.

Lowers Repair Costs

Preventive maintenance such as exhaust system cleanings help to lower the possibility of your furnace developing a problem. When a furnace is properly maintained, it is less likely to suddenly stop working. Maintenance also gives you the opportunity to have small issues repaired before they become big problems. Fixing small problems like an obstruction in the furnace’s vent or a missing piece of flashing from the chimney or flue may also help to extend the lifespan of your furnace.

If you want to know more about furnace exhaust system maintenance in the Myrtle Beach area, contact Brown & Reaves Services, Inc. using our convenient form or call us today at 843-497-9867.

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