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Water Heater Issues and Repairs

A water heater is a necessary household appliance that supplies all of your hot water needs, from cooking to bathing. However there are common issues shared amongst many when it comes to this wonderful device. Sometimes there is a leak, not enough or no hot water. Most Myrtle Beach homeowners and renters have encountered these issues at least once. Listed here are the causes of some of these common problems and how you can take proactive measures against expensive repair or replacement.

Water Heater Leaks

Leaking water heater and ways you might possibly remedy it.This is one of the most common issues that customers will call a plumbing contractor about. You usually notice a leak when there is a puddle around the bottom of the water heater or there may be a trail leading back to the tank. When a leak occurs, this is usually due to a crack in the internal tank and replacement is necessary. Over a period of time water minerals can react with steel, which will corrode the heating tanks. Once this occurs, it is necessary for replacement and you should contact your local plumbing contractor.

Sometimes you may not have to replace the entire unit, but call a plumbing contractor for your water heater repair if the leak originates from the top. This type of leak can occur if a plumbing part has malfunctioned.

No Hot Water or Not Enough Hot Water

Another very common water heater repair issue is no hot water. If you have a gas heater and there is no hot water this can usually be attributed to the pilot light going out. You can light the pilot light yourself, however if you have never done so or are not quite sure as to how you should go about it, do not hesitate to call a plumbing contractor. However if you find that you have no hot water with an electric tank it would be a good idea to check your breaker to see if the breaker has tripped.

In the case of not having enough hot water and you have ensured that the tank is not leaking, you can flush the tank so that mineral deposits are not reducing its efficiency. Generally as your heater ages sediment build-up will occur, decreasing the amount of hot water that the heater can produce. This is when flushing the tank is necessary for a quick water heater repair. Go here for a “How To Video” on draining your water heater.

You may also have one of two elements burned out, causing the tank not to provide you with enough hot water. Replacing an element is a very common repair call we get.

These are just a few common issues many people have experienced with both electric and gas water heaters. If you have an issue that is outside of some of these listed above, you should immediately contact us to assess the problem. Sometimes all you need is a quick water heater repair job, but it is wise to get the opinion of an expert to see if replacement may be necessary.

In addition to heating and cooling repairs, Brown and Reaves Services can also service your water heater needs. Call us today. 843-497-9867. Like us on Facebook and grab your 20% Off Coupon on our next service call.

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