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Three Tips for a More Efficient Air Conditioning System

Myrtle Beach often sees long, hot, and humid summers, making the importance of a fully functional air conditioning system something that can never be overstated. As such, it is only natural that you want your air conditioner running efficiently at all times, even as we head into the cooler days of Autumn when you still need an efficient air conditioning system. With that in mind, here are three simple tips that will help your air conditioning system run as efficiently as the day you first bought it:

Consider Adding Insulation in the Attic

Adding insulation in your attic can help you have a more efficient air conditioning system.

If you have any ducts running through your attic, you may want to consider having the space insulated. This makes sure that the heat absorbed by the attic does not affect the temperature of the air inside the ducts. Ask a respected air conditioning company, such as Brown & Reaves Services, Inc., to learn which kind of insulation works best for your home.

Keep Heat-Generating Items Away from the Thermostat

Your thermostat isn’t just there for setting the temperature of your air conditioning unit; it’s also there to check if the air is being cooled to the temperature you’ve set. Knowing this, you should keep heat-generating items, such as lamps, stoves, and TVs, away from your thermostats. These items can easily fool the thermostat into thinking your cooling system isn’t working hard enough.

Look Out for Air Leaks

Leaks in your ducts can lead to airflow loss of up to 30 percent. The best way to check for air leaks is to light a stick of incense near the duct connections and watch the movement of the smoke. If the smoke blows around, you’ve got an air leak. In such cases, professional repair services are the best course of action.

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These three simple tips are sure to help you maintain a more efficient air conditioning system. Not only does this help prolong your system’s service life, but it also helps you keep your energy bill down.

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