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Time for Myrtle Beach Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally in the air, and along with it comes the urge to get your Myrtle Beach spring cleaning done and spruce up your yard after a long, hard winter. Brown & Reaves Services wants to ensure that you do so safely and that your equipment is in good working order. Brown & Reaves Services offers the following tips to stay safe around electricity and gas.

Myrtle Beach Spring Cleaning Indoors:

1. When vacuuming and sweeping, check for electrical cords crossing your path or running under rugs. Cords should be out of pathways to avoid tripping and should never be hidden under rugs or furniture where they could overheat and potentially start a fire.

When doing your Myrtle Beach spring cleaning in the kitchen, make sure electrical appliances are not placed where they could get wet.

2. When cleaning in the bathroom and kitchen, make sure that electrical appliances are not placed where they could get wet. Electrical parts can become grounded when wet, posing an electric shock or overheating hazard.

3. When dusting, check lamps and fixtures to ensure they have light bulbs with the correct wattage. Wattage should be of equal or lesser value than that recommended by the manufacturer. Consider switching over to LED bulbs. They cost more up-front, but will save your more than their cost in the long run.

Myrtle Beach Spring Cleaning Outdoors:

1. If you use power tools to work outside, make sure that extension cords are marked for outdoor use and rated for the power needs of your tools. Overloaded cords may lead to electric shock and serious injury.

2. Check for overhead power lines when using ladders to clean your gutters or pool-cleaning equipment that could reach within 10 feet of the lines.

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3. When digging in your yard to plant new trees or bushes, make sure that you know where underground electric and gas lines are located.

4. If planning to trim trees, check for overhead power lines. The only safe way to trim trees within 10 feet of power lines is to call a professional.

Last but not least, be sure to get your air conditioning unit or heat pump serviced and cleaned so it’s ready to keep you cool during the hot summer months ahead.

Call Brown & Reaves Services to schedule your spring checkup at 843-497-9867, or fill out our short form and we’ll call you to schedule your spring check up shortly.

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