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The Top Four Misconceptions that Can Trigger an Air Conditioning Repair

There is a lot of free advice on the Internet about the best thing you can do to prolong your AC unit’s life. However, not all of them are truly helpful. In fact, some of them are just perpetuating old myths on how to take good care of your AC unit. Still, reputable air conditioning repair service firms like Brown & Reaves Services, Inc. in Myrtle Beach, SC are only too happy to set the record straight and give honest and practical advice on how to maximize both the efficiency and life expectancy of your AC unit.

These are common misconceptions you probably believe and practice that often end up sending your AC unit to expensive repairs.

Major Myths That Will Often Lead to Serious Air Conditioning Repair

Turning Off Your AC Unit When You’re Not Home Will Save You Energy.

Turning the AC off when you leave then turning it back on as soon as you get home will not cut down your utility bills. All it does is increase the humidity inside your home making the air warmer and stickier than it should be. You have to remember, an AC’s function is not just to lower the temperature inside your house, but to lower the air humidity as well.

According to various government agencies, the best strategy to employ is to use an adjustable thermostat to keep your AC’s temperature at least 78ºF when you are at home, then set it a little higher as you leave. You can set it back again to the original temperature before you get home.

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Turning your AC off will not only be useless in reducing your energy consumption, it can also lead you to following the next myth.

Turning the AC Temperature Way Down to Cool the House Faster.

Since you turned off the AC, by the time you get home, the house is warmer than expected. Your solution? Set the temperature to the lowest as you try to get all the warm air out. However, as Energy Star pointed out, all this does is to unnecessarily waste electricity – the rate in which your unit can cool your house will not be affected by the sudden lowering of the thermostat.

Unless your unit is one of those expensive AC units with adaptive, smart, or intelligent recovery features, the set point of your thermostat should remain the same regardless of the initial temperature you dialed.

You can cool your house faster if the AC unit is bigger.

Bigger is not always better, specifically if you are thinking of installing an AC unit in your home. Unless you want to end up feeling cold or clammy (both of which are extremely uncomfortable) every day, it is still best to get the proper AC unit size for your house.

Furthermore, you have to look for plausible reasons why a reasonably-sized AC unit cannot do its work properly. It might be that your insulation is not up to par, you have too many opened windows and doors, the unit filter is not clean or it might be due for replacement, or the AC unit’s refrigerant is leaking. If any of these is the case, then a bigger unit might not be a big help, after all.

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Turning On the Fans Can Keep the Room Cool

This is a half-truth, at best. While keeping ceiling fans on whilst your AC is also on can help circulate the cool air better, it does not contribute or add to the level of coolness of your home.

In short, fans can make you feel cool (by moving the air on your skin), but it cannot keep you cool. Furthermore, not all fans are friends of your AC unit. Turning on the wrong fans, such as the exhaust, will defeat the purpose of turning the air conditioner on and will cause your unit to overwork to try to reach the ideal temperature.

Believing any or all of these myths about your AC unit will definitely just wear it out and will eventually lead to an early trip to an air conditioner repair shop. By knowing the facts from the cooling myths, you can reduce your energy bills and prolong the life of your AC unit.

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