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Heating Advice: Understanding Different Heat Pump Controls

When you are considering a heat pump, you need to understand that there are different types of heat pump controls that can affect your heating and help you to save money on utility costs. Your controls can help you to manage your heating levels more effectively.

Here are some of the different types of heat pump controls that can affect your heating

Understanding Variable-Capacity Controls

Heat pumps with variable-capacity controls are the most economical choice. They do not run your heater at optimal levels at all times. The blower and compressor of the heat pump coordinate together and adjust according to the needs of your home.

Understanding Two-Speed Compressors

Zoning your heat allows you to use two-speed compressors that can control different temperatures in different rooms, giving you greater control of your home’s temperature. With two-speed compressors, heat can be controlled at one level in one area and another level in a different area, rather than running your heat pump at full capacity at all times for one, uniform temperature throughout the home.

How Variable-Speed Motors Help to Maintain a Comfortable Air Velocity

Variable-speed motors, also known as dual-speed motors, can be used on outdoor fans or blowers. They are responsible for maintaining a consistent air velocity. When the air velocity is consistent, it means less fluctuations, and a savings on your utility expenses.

Backup Burners Can Cut Costs

While considering all the options that can make it possible to heat your home more efficiently, be sure to explore backup burners. When a backup burner is installed, your heat will alternate between your heat pump and a backup furnace that uses natural gas. However, when the outdoor temperature dips below a specified point, the gas furnace will take over. Using both sources of heat is more economical.

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