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Install WiFi Thermostats When Upgrading Your Air Conditioning System

In order to easily control your air conditioning and heating system in your home, a thermostat is necessary. Depending on the type of thermostat you have, this component will allow you to either manually set the the heating and cooling cycle of your HVAC unit, or automatically adjust the temperature based on a number of standards. Most homes using air conditioning and heating systems are fitted with a traditional thermostat that is either programmable or non-programmable. A newer and more advanced option for thermostats are the WiFi Thermostats which function much like traditional thermostats but with a variety of added features.

WiFi thermostats possess features traditional thermostats do, but have additional features that offer users convenience and cost-savings.

Traditional Thermostats Vs. WiFi Thermostats

Traditional thermostats come in programmable and non-programmable options. The non-programmable thermostat is definitely the most affordable, but it requires you to manually set the temperature in your home, as well as manually set your HVAC’s heating and cooling cycle. The programmable thermostat, on the other hand, has a digital interface with time period programming. This allows you to automatically adjust the temperature based on time, and allow for multiple set points per day.

WiFi thermostats, also called smart thermostats, possess features that traditional thermostats do, but have additional features that offer users convenience and cost-savings. Features such as remote programming, learning, geofencing, improved energy efficiency and feedback, and alerts. When synced up with a WiFi router, you can access and control it remotely from a computer or through an app on your tablet or smartphone.

Convenience and Energy Savings

Smart thermostats offer convenience beyond their remote access feature. Because smart thermostats learn your behavior, you can set it to turn off your AC or heater after you leave for work and then set it to turn on before you get home so the temperature inside is warm or cool enough. WiFi thermostats can also adjust the temperature indoors based on ambient conditions, such as humidity. Other essential features of this type of thermostat include the ability to show your heating and cooling costs and tweak the programming to become more energy-efficient.

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