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Winter Home Fire Safety Tips

Keep these tips in mind if you are considering alternative heat sources or simply want to make safety your top priority when heating your Myrtle Beach area home.

Home Fire Safety with Kerosene Heaters:

  • Precise Fuel: Do not apply fuel that is not designed for your particular make or type of heater. Use only fuel recommended by the heater’s manufacturer.
  • Proper Room Ventilation: This is important because burning fuel (coal, kerosene or propane) can produce deadly fumes. Make sure to also inspect exhaust parts for carbon buildup.
  • Appropriate Storage: Ventilation is important for storage areas as well. Keep kerosene or other flammable liquids stored in approved metal containers outside of the house.

Home Fire Safety with Wood Stoves and Fireplaces:

  • Adequate Clearance: Wood stoves should be at least 36” from flammable surfaces and have suitable floor support. Flammable materials should be kept away from fireplace mantels.
  • Annual Check-Up: Chimneys should be inspected annually and cleaned if necessary.
  • Burn Wisely: Never burn charcoal indoors and do not use excessive amounts of paper to build fires. It is possible to ignite creosote (a black oily build-up which is a result of incomplete burning of wood or coal) in the chimney by overbuilding the fire.
  • Double-Check the Fire is Extinguished: Heading off to bed? Do not close your damper (the plate that regulates airflow) with hot ashes in the fireplace. A closed damper can cause the fire to reheat and force carbon monoxide into the house.

Other Home Fire Safety Tips:

  • Basic Protection: Each level of your home should have working smoke alarms. Be sure to inspect each alarm annually and replace batteries if necessary.
  • Discard Properly: When discarding hot ashes, place them in a metal container outside and away from the house.
  • Use Caution: If your water pipes are frozen, use hot water or a handheld dryer to thaw them. Never thaw them with an open flame because the pipe could cause heat to ignite the structure inside the wall.
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Protect your home and your loved ones by following these simple safety tips when it comes to heating your home this winter.

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