Decimal, American, and Fractional Odds at a Sportsbook


The odds offered by a sportsbook can differ greatly. There are Decimal odds, American odds, and Fractional odds. It’s important to understand which one you’re dealing with and how they affect the odds on a game. Then, you can make an informed decision about whether to place a bet or not.

Decimal odds

Edge: The margin between the team’s implied probability and its actual odds is known as the “edge.” Edge is also referred to as vigorish, juice, or bookmaker’s fee. It is calculated by dividing the true implied probability of a team by its decimal odds at sportsbook. In this case, the Dodgers are at a 26% edge. This means that they should win the game by at least two points.

In addition, vigorish is often called “juice” or “vigourish” and is the fee bookmakers charge to place bets. Edge equals the true implied probability of a team x the decimal odds at sportsbook minus one. Therefore, a team with a 26% edge will have higher odds than a team with a 2% edge.

American odds

You might have heard of American odds at sportsbook, but what are they and how do they work? American odds are displayed at retail and online sportsbooks in the United States. They indicate whether a team is the favorite or the underdog. A team with a “-” in front of its odds is considered the favorite, while a team with a “+” is considered the underdog. It’s important to understand the odds before making a wager.

First, American odds are not as straight-forward as decimal odds. These odds are often based around $100, but the value can vary widely depending on the favorability of the bet. For instance, in a recent NFL game, the Detroit Lions beat the Arizona Cardinals as a +500 underdog, but their odds were listed at -800.

Fractional odds

Fractional odds at a sportsbook are a popular option for sports gamblers. They are most commonly seen with horse races, but can be used on many other types of bets as well. Fractional odds are calculated as a ratio in which the denominator is the amount bet, and the numerator is the amount of money won.

The odds for a team are expressed as fractions with the denominator being the amount of money wagered and the numerator being the amount of money won. A sportsbook is able to convert fractions into decimal odds with a simple formula. To convert a fraction to decimal odds, just add one to the numerator.

As fractional odds are used for betting in the UK, it’s easy to calculate implied probabilities. For example, a 6/1 bet means a stake of $100 will earn a $100 profit. This is called implied odds and is an excellent way to break down the odds.